Here is Why Cowboy Hat Kwame Brown Didn't Accept Charlamagne's Apology on Breakfast Club

When Charlamagne apologized to Kwame Brown on Breakfast Club he probably expected the situation to simmer down. However, his apology message seemed to leave one important aspect of the situation that Kwame Brown has been focusing on. Due to him missing the point of why they have been beefing, Kwame Brown didn’t accept Charlamagne’s apology and explained why during a live stream.

Kwame Brown feels that Charlamagne is apologizing to the wrong person. He explained that after watching an interview with the woman from Charlamagne’s alleged rape case, he sees a woman that has been traumatized mentally. Kwame Brown said Charlamagne should be apologizing to that woman instead of him. He ended his rant stating boldly “f*** your apology”. It seems the bridges that have been burned between them are unrepairable.

Here is the video of Charlamagne apologizing to Kwame Brown.

Kwame Brown is still hoping to interview the woman who accused Charlamagne of rape. He believes her side of the story still needs to told to the world, and he wants to hear it face to face first hand.

All in all it seems that Charlamagne lit an emotional fire under Kwame Brown that can’t be put out. The fact that he sent a cease and desist letter before apologizing doesn’t help either.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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