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Kodak Black Rapped About Using Fentanyl in ‘Maui Woop’ Lyrics Before Allegedly Testing Positive For It

Rapper Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, has been ordered by a Florida judge to attend drug rehabilitation for 30 days after allegedly testing positive for fentanyl , a powerful synthetic opioid that has been linked to thousands of overdose deaths in the US.

Was Kodak Black Using Fentanyl in Hawaii? Kodak Black Rapped About Fentanyl in ‘Maui Woop’ Lyrics Before Allegedly Testing Positive For It

The hip-hop star was on bail for a drug trafficking charge that he faces in South Carolina, where he is accused of possessing marijuana and a firearm during a traffic stop in 2019. He was required to undergo regular drug testing as part of his release conditions, but he missed a mandatory test before he tested positive for fentanyl , according to court records.

The positive test result came as a shock to many fans and observers, especially because Kodak Black had recently rapped about his friend using fentanyl in his song “Maui Woop”, which was released in February. In the song, he says: “Them N**** Already Know What I’m Standing On, F****** With Me Is Worse Than Fentanyl”.

The lyrics are ironic, because fentanyl is known to be extremely dangerous and addictive, and can cause respiratory depression, coma and death even in small doses. It is often mixed with other drugs such as heroin or cocaine without the user’s knowledge, increasing the risk of overdose.

Kodak Black’s case highlights the widespread problem of substance abuse and addiction among musicians and artists, who often face stress, pressure and trauma in their careers. Many of them turn to drugs as a way of coping or escaping from their reality, but end up harming themselves and others.

The rapper has been given a chance to seek help and recover from his addiction by attending rehab at an undisclosed location starting from March 7 . He will also be allowed to perform at the Rolling Loud music festival near Los Angeles over the weekend before checking into rehab.

It remains to be seen whether Kodak Black will take this opportunity seriously and change his lifestyle for the better. His fans and supporters hope that he will overcome his challenges and continue making music that inspires them. His critics and detractors hope that he will face justice for his alleged crimes and learn from his mistakes.

Whatever happens next, Kodak Black’s fentanyl scandal is a case of irony and tragedy that should serve as a warning and a lesson for everyone.

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