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Rapper Casino Jizzle Shot Dead on July 4th Three Days Before His Album Was Supposed to Come Out

Casino Jizzle, a rising rapper from Memphis, was reportedly shot and killed on Wednesday night in his hometown. According to reports the shooting took place near a residence in a nice neighborhood.

His girlfriend and mother of his child, Brianna Hollins, confirmed the tragic news with a heartbreaking post on Facebook.

“LORD JESUS PLEASE HELP ME THIS N***A JUST SHOT MY BD,” she wrote, possibly implying that the shooting was a targeted attack done by a single assailant. She also shared some family photos with the late rapper.

Several videos have surfaced online showing the aftermath of the Casino Jizzle shooting, as people rushed to the scene to help and record. The details of the incident are still unclear, but some witnesses claim that he was shot multiple times.

One video posted by Kollege Kidd, a music media marketing company, shows police cars outside a residence and a voice saying “For sure, he dead. I heard it. It woke me up”. The whole scene was too tragic. You could feel the emotional pain everyone in that area was going through as they watch medical personnel try to save his life.

Is the 2019 Casino Jizzle Shooting Connected to the 2023 Shooting?

This is not the first time that he has been a victim of gun violence. In 2019, he was shot outside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cordova, Tennessee. He was critically injured and hospitalized, and miraculously survived. At the moment it’s not clear if that incident is connected to the 2023 July 4th shooting in anyway.

Casino Jizzle’s death is sad, because he was supposed to release an album this coming Friday according reports. He even posted about it on his Instagram account hours before his death.

His death remains under investigation. Fans are waiting for more information from law enforcement. They have also expressed their condolences and tributes to the rapper on social media, remembering his old tracks and praising his talent.


Casino Jizzle was a rising star in the Memphis rap scene, who had caught the attention of major labels and had great local success. His death is a huge loss for the music industry and his family and friends. He was a promising rapper who had a bright future ahead of him. He left a legacy of music that will live on.

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