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Video Showing Bystander’s Reaction to Casino Jizzle’s Fatal Shooting Goes Viral

Casino Jizzle, a Memphis rapper whose real name was Robert Turnstall, was shot and killed in his hometown on July 5, 2023. His baby mama Brianna Hollins confirmed the news with an emotional post on Facebook that read “LORD JESUS PLEASE HELP ME THIS N***A JUST SHOT MY BD”. Her message seems to convey that it was a targeted shooting carried out by one person.

Casino Jizzle was known for his songs like “No Hook”, “Trap House” and “Facts”. He had a loyal fan base in Memphis and beyond, and was allegedly set to release his new album on Friday. His death came just three days before his anticipated project. He even reportedly posted about the project hours before the shooting happened.

Why Casino Jizzle’s Neighbor’s Reaction to the Shooting is Going Viral

Several videos have surfaced online showing the aftermath of the Casino Jizzle shooting, as people rushed to the scene to help and record. The details of the incident are still unclear, but some witnesses claim that he was shot multiple times.

One video posted by Kollege Kidd, a music media marketing company, shows police cars outside a residence, but what stood out to many was a bystander’s voice saying “For sure, he dead. I heard it. It woke me up”. That emotional reaction from Casino Jizzle’s neighbor has since gone viral around the internet.

This tragic incident would be the second known time he has been a victim of gun violence. In 2019, Casino Jizzle was shot outside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cordova, Tennessee. He was critically injured and hospitalized, and miraculously survived. At the moment it’s not clear if that incident is connected to the July 4th 2023 shooting in any way, but conspiracy theorists are already trying to connect dots.

His death remains under investigation. Fans are waiting for more information from law enforcement. They have also expressed their condolences and tributes to the rapper on social media, remembering his old tracks and praising his talent.

Casino Jizzle’s death is a huge loss for the rap community, especially in Memphis, where he was respected and admired by many. It’s tragic seeing another young hip-hop talent taken at the hands of gun violence. Hopefully his family and friends can stay strong through this tough time.

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