A Tay K vs Pablo Escobar battle is going viral. People are reacting to the picture of Tay K holding his wanted photo being compared to the picture Pablo Escobar in front of the White House.

It all started when a twitter posted tweet with Tay K holding his wanted photo side by side with Pablo Escobar taking a picture in front of the White House with his son. He captioned the picture “Which picture colder“, and all hell broke lose.

One genius somehow confused Pablo Escobar with El Chapo.

Some people thought only a crackhead would think Tay K’s picture was better than Pablo Escobar’s White House photo.

One person pointed out the fact that Pablo Escobar wasn’t wanted at the time he took a picture in front of the White House, while Tay K was wanted when he took his photo. They felt this made Tay K’s picture more dangerous to take.

Another genius thought Pablo Escobar was El Chapo.

As you can see the reactions to Tay K’s photo vs Pablo Escobar’s White House photo are mixed. Pablo Escobar took the picture at the White House in 1981, which was about 1 year before FBI started to investigate him. In fact it’s alleged he entered into the US under his real name Pablo Escobar, since he wasn’t on the FBI radar at all. However, he was still running the Medellín Cartel at the time, which made taking a picture in front the White House a very bold power move.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the reactions is the fact that some people have no idea how El Chapo or Pablo Escobar look, since they confused the two when they look nothing alike.

Author: JordanThrilla

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