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Why Are People Saying Their Wells Fargo Deposits are Going Missing? Evidence Behind the Scary Rumor

An alleged technical issue at Wells Fargo has caused some customers to report missing deposits and incorrect balances in their accounts, according to claims made on social media. The issue has allegedly affected customers who made deposits on August 2, 2023, which was yesterday.

According to some of the complaints, the bank has acknowledged the issue and assured customers they are working on a resolution to the issue, but it is not clear when it will be resolved. The alleged issue has caused frustration among customers, and has been widely discussed on social media.

According to many complaints seen on social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, some customers said that checks they had deposited at Wells Fargo on Wednesday, presumably in a branch or through a mobile app, had disappeared by this morning. One customer said that Wells Fargo was aware of the problem, and did not know when it would be fixed.

Another customer said that she deposited her check yesterday and it was not showing up. She said that she called to get help, but they told her they needed to open a case, which she said would take 10 days because of a system error. She asked the rhetorical question who would cover her fees.

Twitter user @kristiecannon wrote: “@WellsFargo so deposits made yesterday are missing (apparently this is a system issue with no ETA on resolution) AND branch deposits from today aren’t posting either?”.

X user @MARIAMORAL57560 wrote: “Ridiculous, I deposited my check yesterday and it’s not showing up. Called to get help, they told me they need to open a case. And that it will take 10 days! Because of a system error. Who’s going to cover my fees?”.

Some social media are vowing to leave Wells Fargo behind after the incident.

Having money missing from your bank account, and being told that there is no estimate on when it will be returned is definitely a stress inducing mix of bank drama. There are a lot of people out there who live paycheck to paycheck, so having delayed access to funds even for a few days could be significantly life changing.

In this type of situation one of the most important aspects from a business standpoint besides making sure the customers get their money back, will be how Wells Fargo repairs trust with them in the long run.

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