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Fired Post Office Worker Ersilia Campbell Got Doxxed After Wearing Blackface in Target While Ranting About Lester Holt and LGBTQ Flag

A white woman who wore blackface then went on rants at a Target store and a Starbucks in Colorado has gone viral. She is now facing backlash for her racist and offensive behavior. The woman, identified as Ersilia Campbell, is a former postal worker who lost her job earlier this year. The details about her personal life came out after social media took actions into their own hands with a mass doxing campaign.

Why Was the White Woman Wearing Blackface in Target?

Campbell was filmed at a Target in Aurora, Colorado, where she asked the employees where the Pride section was. When they told her that Pride Month was over, she implied that the LGBTQ community had taken over the American flag with their own flag saying, “Oh i thought that we were celebrating this, and they took our flag forever”.

She also justified her blackface by saying that it was the same as Lester Holt, a Black journalist, dressing up as Susan Boyle, a white singer, for a Halloween episode of the TODAY Show more than a decade ago. She left the store saying that she did not shop at Target.

Campbell later posted a video of herself at a Starbucks, still wearing blackface and Trump stickers on her shirt. In Starbucks she ranted about her post office job according to reports.

Social Media Doxed Ersilia Campbell Which Led to People Finding Out She Got Fired

Campbell’s actions have been widely criticized as racist, offensive and disturbing by netizens. Not too long after the video went viral many people on places like Twitter and Reddit who knew information her began to put things about her personal life in the land of forever, which is the Internet. The mass social media doxxing of Ersilia Campbell led to people finding out she had lost her job a few months ago.

Those rumors were made official when New York Post reported that Campbell was fired by the USPS in February and that a trespassing notice was issued to prevent her from coming back to the workplace. The notice, which TMZ obtained, told workers to call the Postal Inspection Service if she showed up again. Campbell also previously insulted her former co-workers online, calling them “some of the loneliest, miserable, trashiest, lazy people in my life”.

When the reports with information about her personal life start coming out there were many Reddit threads where you could see comments from people who were celebrating the results of people on social media doxing Ersilia Campbell.

It’s not clear what this woman is going through mentally right now, but it’s clear she might need some help. Sometimes people can’t handle the stress of losing a job, and have mental breakdowns. It’s never good to outright call people crazy, but this woman might really be crazy and possibly racist too. Hopefully the people in her life can talk to her, and she realizes how wrong what she did was.

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