It’s Halloween time again, which means celebrities are showing out in some of the coolest costumes money can buy. For P Diddy this year he pulled out a Joker costume, which was so realistic he was almost unrecognizable. His Halloween costume would allegedly end up being a source of unexpected friction.

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Details on Why P Diddy Wanted to Fight Power Actor Michael J Ferguson aka ‘2-Bit’ While Wearing a Joker Costume?

A viral video shows the moment that P Diddy got in Michael J Ferguson’s face as he said some disrespectful things to him. He allegedly had no idea it was P Diddy behind the costume as he spoke aggresively. Things got strange when P Diddy who was holding a prop gun to go along with his Joker Costume started dragging it across the ground daring 2-Bit to come at him. As he walked away from the scene he warned him to never disrespect him like that again. Take a look at the footage.


The biggest take away from this video might be that P Diddy really should audition to play Joker in a Batman movie, because he stayed in character even when he was ready to throw hands. The video above almost seems like a scene from ‘The Dark Knight’ movie in some ways. 50 Cent would have had a lot to say about P Diddy fighting 2-Bit.

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