A few days ago news broke about an alleged attack that happened at Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home. A 42 year old man named David Depape was arrested for allegedly attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer. One glaring aspect about the situation was the alleged lack of video footage of the incident happening. Now as new details surface a rumor is spreading alleging that Paul Pelosi is hiding footage of the attack due to what was happening before everything went down. Apparently there might be evidence that Paul Pelosi had a gay relationship with David Depape, which could also mean he cheated on his wife.

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Was Paul Pelosi Cheating on Nancy Pelosi in a Gay Relationship with David Depape?

According to Jake Shields a detective is alleging that Paul Pelosi is refusing to provide security camera footage of the attack. The detective allegedly has reason to believe that Paul Pelosi was having gay intercourse with David Depape before the incident took place. That report was fueled by allegations that he and Paul Pelosi were half naked when police arrived at the home. Due to the rumors the hashtag #PelosiGayLover is taking over social media.

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Another piece of information fueling the conspiracy theories is a picture floating around social media, which allegedly shows a gay pride flag on David Depape’s house. As the investigation continues the truth about the situation will either debunk the rumors, or strengthen them. According to latest reports Depape was charged with attempted murder.

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