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What is the Brother Zone? Man Gets Rejected by Woman on IG Live Then Exposes Himself as Someone Who Would Smash His Own Sister

What is the ‘Brother Zone’? This term is going viral after man got rejected by a woman on Instragram Live, then insinuated he would smash his own sister. As the video went on the embarrassment got worse and worse. The video was uploaded by tiktok user @dontgetmadlmao.

After the man was rejected he heard the woman’s brother say “no one wants you”, which really ticked him off. In response he told the guy who was the woman’s twin brother, “you’re stuck in the brother zone”. They reacted by asking him if he was from Alabama, which is place known for family members comingling with each other. The video got super hilarious when they asked him if he gave top to a Smurf.

This guy got rejected, and exposed that he would possibly smash his own sister all in the same video. That’s an L he will remember for the rest of his life. To make things worse he tried to act like he didn’t want the woman, after she told him he had no chance.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff