Music artists taking tumbles on stage during their concerts happens very often. In most cases they quickly recover, and the show goes on like nothing happened. However, in some cases such as when Drake tore his ACL, a serious injury occurs that requires emergency assistance. Recently Post Malone found himself in that type of situation.

Post Malone Injures Back after Falling Through Stage Accident During Concert in St. Louis

Post Malone was in St. Louis performing in front a packed crowd, and things were going smoothly. In the blink of an eye things took a turn for the worse when he lost awareness of where he was on stage, and took a wrong step. Post Malone fell through a hole in stage, and banged his back on the metal edge. The footage shows him rolling around in pain before people rushed on stage to provide medical assistance.

Based on the footage it appears Post Malone injured his back or rib cage area. In addition it looked like his leg bent the wrong way during the fall. If he only has minor injuries then he got really lucky. Take a look.

Around social media people believe that this situation could lead to a lawsuit, because the stage seemed to have unsafe conditions. Having an open hole right in the middle of the stage definitely seems like a health hazard waiting to happen.

It will interesting to see how this plays out. Hopefully Post Malone makes a full recovery.

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