Tomi Lahren is one of the most outspoken young female conservatives in the political landscape today. She has made herself famous by saying controversial things that are borderline racist. Naturally her persona has led to her being very disliked by many people, and the situation that unfolded after she came to University of New Mexico to give a speech speaks volumes to that.

Tomi Lahren Leaves University of New Mexico Speech Early After Student Protestors Crash Event Chanting ‘Tomi Lahren is a Racist’

Tomi Lahren made the bad decision of going to University of New Mexico to give a speech not knowing the political demographics of the campus. Little did she know that most of the students there are people who strongly disagree with her views. For example there was once a time when Tomi Lahren called Black Lives Matter the ‘new KKK’, which is crazy take to have considering the heinous things KKK did in the past. The students at UNM were not about to let her spew her rhetoric on their campus.

Viral footage shows how the University of New Mexico students reacted to Tomi Lahren being on their campus. When they found out where she was giving a speech the student protesters stormed the building before security blocked off the entrance to the room she was in. You could hear them chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Tomi Lahren is a Racist’ among other things. In addition they were holding signs with some saying, “UNM rejects White Supremacy’. Within 30 minutes Tomi Lahren abruptly left the University of New Mexico campus cancelling her own event.

As you probably noticed in the footage there were almost no black students among the protesters, which shows how much Tomi Lahren’s words have impacted young people of all races.

The new generation of college aged students are taking a united stand against people who seem to promote racism.

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