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Video: Ciara Twerking at Wendy’s Goes Viral

Ciara is no doubt on of the most beautiful women on the planet. She’s one of those women that never seems to age, and never seems to be out of shape no matter how many kids she has had. Apart from her incredible singing ability, one of Ciara’s best talents is her dance moves, most specifically her twerking ability. Once again she shut down the internet with a display of twerking talent.

Video of Ciara Twerking at Wendy’s Goes Viral

In a viral video circulating on social media Ciara decided to started dancing at one of the most random places. Not sure if she actually ordered any food, but in the footage Ciara was twerking at a Wendy’s parking lot. She had help from a few of her friends, as she really got into her moves. It’s easy to see why Russell Wilson is so in love with his queen despite her sketchy dating history before him.

The last time the world got to see Ciara moving like this was when she did the ‘balance change’.

Russell Wilson is a lucky man, and it shows how confident he is in their love that he has no problem with her posting videos like that on the internet. In some relationships a woman posting videos like these that other men lust over could lead to insecurity.

Ciara remains a national treasure, and a legendary presence in the music and Hollywood.

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