Ever since Ciara broke up with Future, and started dating Russell Wilson the world has been convinced the two men are beefing with each other. Anytime they time post something on social media regarding relationships it’s easy to find a possible connection between them. Most recently it seemed like the two took jabs at each other subliminally via social media.

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Future Dissed Russell Wilson after he posted a photo of Future’s son getting ready for his first baseball game. Future responded to Russell Wilson and Ciara with a picture of Lori Harvey in a bikini laying by his mountain top swimming pool. It was the ultimate disrespectful flex on Future’s part some people were saying.

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The whole exchange is sad to see on many fronts. Future saying “life is good” could be looked as a bad and good thing. Some people might ask is life really good if you’re watching another man raise your son? It’s a tough question to ask yourself really.

On the other hand, some people argue that Russell Wilson purposely made the post just to attempt to anger Future. It likely probably did given that Future took the time to respond.

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It seems like the war of subtle jabs here and there will never end between Future and Ciara.

Author: JordanThrilla

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