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Nikola Jokic’s Quote about Failure and Success After Winning 2023 NBA Championship Goes Viral

Jokic, who was born in Sombor, Serbia, has had an incredible journey from being a second-round draft pick in 2014 to becoming a two-time NBA MVP and a five-time All-Star. He is widely regarded as one of the best players in the league and one of the most versatile big men of all time. He is also the leading European player and center on the all-time list of the NBA players with the most triple-doubles.

The Serbian center for the Denver Nuggets, has become a sensation on social media after his profound quote on success and failure during his postgame press conference. Jokic, who was awarded the NBA Finals MVP after leading the Nuggets to their first-ever NBA championship, was asked by ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne to reflect on how the Nuggets organization believed in him and his teammate Jamal Murray through all the ups and downs.

Jokic responded by saying, “First you need to be bad. Then when you’re bad you get good. Then once you’re good, you need to fail. Then once you’ve failed, you can figure out.” The quote quickly went viral on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, with many fans and analysts praising Jokic for his wisdom and humility. People were also impressed at how deep the quote was considering his first language isn’t English.

Jokic’s quote resonated with many people who have faced challenges and setbacks in their lives and careers. Some compared his quote to famous sayings by other successful people, such as Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein. Others shared their own stories of overcoming adversity and learning from failure. Some people compared it to what Giannis said when he lost in the first round.

Jokic’s quote showed his appreciation for the Nuggets organization, which has built a strong culture and a talented roster around him and Murray. The Nuggets have been one of the most consistent teams in the Western Conference in recent years, reaching the conference finals in 2020, and now winning the championship in 2023. Jokic and Murray have formed one of the best duos in the league, complementing each other’s skills and personalities.

Jokic’s quote also demonstrated his humility and self-awareness, as he acknowledged that he still has room for improvement and growth. Jokic has been known for his work ethic and his willingness to learn from his coaches and teammates. He has also been praised for his leadership and his ability to make his teammates better.

Jokic’s quote on success and failure is a testament to his character and his mindset. He has shown that he is not only a great basketball player, but also a great person who inspires others with his words and actions.

Congrats to the Denver Nuggets, we all knew they would win the NBA championship once they were able to shock the world by sweeping Lebron and AD. The question now is can they do it again, or was this just a once in a lifetime happening for them?

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