When you’re famous you have to expect people will say and do crazy things. However, when a fan sent a message to Russell Westbrook’s wife wishing death upon their kids, that’s when it goes too far.

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Westbrook’s wife posted the message on Instagram for the world to see. In the message the fan calls Westbrook a “f****** p****” then goes on to say he hope’s he catches cancer.

The fan telling Westbrook’s wife he hopes Russell Westbrook and their kids gets cancer is probably one of the most evil things ever heard from a fan in sports history. It hurts to read the message even if you’re not a fan of Russell Westbrook or the Rockets. It very sad to see people with that much hate in the their heart for an NBA player that probably doesn’t even know they exist.

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Let’s hope this fan reevaluates themselves after this goes viral.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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