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Doris Burke Curses and Drops a F Bomb on Live TV During Because of Klye Kuzma During Lakers Pelicans

Doris Burke Curses on Live TV During Lakers VS Pelicans. Doris Burke drops F bomb on Live on Television because of Kyle Kuzma.

Doris Burke is viral after she cursed saying “nice f**king finger roll” after Kyle Kuzma made a layup. She said it so calmly it was like she forgot she was still on air. The viral video instantly started making way around social media.

Doris Burke is the last person you would think of using curse words, so the moment was very shocking. The real Doris Burke shined through for a few moments, breaking away from her usual reserved demeanor.

Men everywhere learned something new today. If you want to bring Doris Burke out her shell, make sure you practice your finger roll layup skills. She seems to really like those.

Author: JordanThrilla

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