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How Would the NFL Script Games if Arian Foster’s Rigged Conspiracy Theory Claim is True?

Is the NFL Scripting games? Arian Foster, the former NFL player, recently made a sensational claim – he alleged that the National Football League is scripted. According to Foster, he used to get scripts before the start of each season, and these scripts would determine the outcome of the games. As unbelievable as it sounds, many people have since taken up the cause and are researching if there is any truth to the story. Here, we will explore how the NFL might script games if Arian Foster’s claims are true.

How Would the NFL Script Games if Arian Foster’s Rigged Conspiracy Theory Claim are Actually True?

The basic premise is that the NFL would use fixed outcomes to make games more entertaining. Of course, the league would never admit to scripting games, but there are a few scenarios that could explain how the outcome of games could be influenced.

One way that the NFL could script games would be through pre-determined plays and formations. This would allow the league to control the flow of the game and ensure that the most exciting plays are called. Teams could also be instructed to run certain plays at certain times, which would make the game more exciting.

The NFL could also use referees to influence the outcome of games. Referees could be instructed to call certain penalties or non-calls to sway the game in a certain direction. The league could also give preferential treatment to certain teams or players when it comes to calls. Think about all those missed or sketchy calls that happen during games, could they be by design? Think about all those times we heard Tom Brady talking with the refs almost like they worked for him.

Finally, the NFL could also use technology to influence the outcome of games. The league could use instant replay technology to reverse calls that would have gone in favor of one team or the other. The technology could also be used to give certain teams more time on the clock, or to slow down or speed up the game depending on the situation. Also with the use of special effects they could make the general public believe certain things happened that really didn’t. Interestingly enough that would connect to the conspiracy theories regarding Damar Hamlin’s ambulance.

These are just some of the ways that the NFL could rig games if Arian Foster’s conspiracy theory claims are true. Of course, it’s impossible to know for sure if the league is actually scripting games, but the possibility is certainly intriguing. How crazy would it be if the NFL is just another version of the WWE?