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Why Did Steve Kerr Bench Jonathan Kuminga During Warriors vs Nuggets?

In the world of professional basketball, every decision made by a coach is under intense scrutiny, especially when it involves benching a promising young player. One such decision that has recently sparked a flurry of speculation involves Golden State Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr and his decision to bench Jonathan Kuminga during a crucial game against the Denver Nuggets.

The Viral Question

The question, “Why did Steve Kerr bench Jonathan Kuminga?” has been making rounds in the basketball community. This query gained traction after a rumor surfaced alleging that Kuminga has lost faith in Kerr’s ability to develop him into a star player.

Kerr is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the NBA, having led the Warriors to three championships and five consecutive Finals appearances. He is known for his emphasis on ball movement, spacing, and unselfish play, which has resulted in some of the most beautiful and efficient basketball in history.

However, it’s also widely believed that Kerr’s coaching style also comes with some drawbacks, especially when it comes to developing young players. Kerr is notorious for having a short leash with rookies and sophomores, preferring to rely on his veteran players who are more familiar with his system and expectations.

Kerr often benches young players for making mistakes, such as turnovers, missed assignments, or poor shot selection. While this might be effective in instilling discipline and accountability, it also might hinder the confidence and growth of young players who need more playing time and freedom to learn from their errors.

The Trade Value Theory

Some fans have theorized that Kerr is attempting to keep Kuminga’s trade value low, making it easier to re-sign him despite the hefty contracts tied to Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. While this theory might hold some weight, it’s important to remember that it’s purely speculative. A more plausible explanation for Kuminga’s benching might be tied to an incident that occurred during the game.

Kuminga was benched for the last 18 minutes of the game, despite the Warriors struggling to score and defend after his departure. His last score came with six minutes left in the third quarter, where he scored an And-1 after a powerful move to the basket.

There’s a rumor that Kuminga ignored Kerr’s play call on this play, opting for an isolation play instead. Despite successfully scoring, the rumor suggests that Kerr was upset about Kuminga breaking his play call. If this rumor holds true, it’s easy to see why Kuminga might be frustrated with Kerr’s rotations, which some argue hold back the development of young players.

Will Jonathan Kuminga Request a Trade?

The case of Jonathan Kuminga, the seventh overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Kuminga is a 21-year-old forward who has tremendous physical tools and potential, but also has some glaring weaknesses in his game.

Kuminga is a versatile defender who can guard multiple positions, a strong finisher who can attack the rim with force, and a capable playmaker who can create for himself and others. However, he also struggles with his shooting, decision-making, and consistency, which often lead to inefficient and erratic performances.

Kuminga’s strengths and weaknesses make him a fascinating but challenging fit for Kerr’s system. On one hand, Kuminga’s defensive versatility, athleticism, and aggressiveness are valuable assets for the Warriors, who need more depth and youth on the wing.

On the other hand, Kuminga’s streaky shooting, turnover-prone tendencies, and lack of experience are major liabilities for the Warriors, who value spacing, ball security, and execution.

Therefore, Kerr faces a dilemma of how to balance Kuminga’s development with the team’s success, but could he be going overboard with his low patience? Did he really get mad at him for ignoring a play call? Has a Warriors implosion began? Things are not looking good in Golden State world this season.

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