Lamar Jackson’s “Mike Jones” reaction is going viral. After getting his first playoff win Lamar Jackson clowned a reporter who’s name was Mike Jones like the legendary Texas rapper.

Everybody who was listening to HipHop in the early to mid 2000s remembers the “Who Mike Jones” era of Texas rap. When Lamar Jackson heard the name it instantly took him back, and he couldn’t help joking on the reporter.

When reporter said his name was Mike Jones you could immediately see a look of confusion on Lamar Jackson’s face, that quickly turn to a smile and a quiet laugh. He tried to keep his composure, but quickly let out a legendary “Mike Jonessss” war cry then broke down laughing hard.

Somewhere in the world, wherever he is these days Mike Jones has to be smiling that people are talking about him again. His fall off from rap was sad to see.

This moment shows how deep impact he had on hiphop really was.

Author: JordanThrilla