Mighty Mouse Drives Through Dangerous MS13 and 18st Blood Gang Territory In Viral Video

When you’re out in LA trying to stay alive and out of trouble most people know to avoid known gang areas. However, there are some brave people seeking a thrill or some clout who like to go into these areas and show they made it out unharmed. As example Mighty Mouse drove though MS13 and 18st Blood Gang territory in a viral video to show his followers how deep gangs really were in that area.

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The video showed that a lot of neighborhoods were being gentrified, and now looked like suburbs. Yet still, there was a good amount of area that still looked like the projects. One thing that was consistent throughout his drive was that buildings and streets were clearly marked by MS13 and 18st gangs. Even grocery stores were marked as property by the two gangs. There was literally a MS13 Farmers Market grocery store.

Mighty Mouse got lucky this time by not running into any trouble making this video, hopefully it stays that when he makes the same kind of gang related content in the future.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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