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How Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus’ Stroke at Only 24 Years Old Reveals an Alarming Trend in America

Cori Broadus, the daughter of renowned rapper Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Taylor Broadus, recently revealed a shocking health scare. At the tender age of 24, she suffered a severe stroke. The news was shared by Cori herself in a heart-wrenching post on her Instagram page, @princessbroadus.

Does a Kidney Biopsy Have to Do With What Caused Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus’ Stroke?

In her post, she expressed her disbelief and distress, stating, “I had a severe stroke this am. I started breaking down crying when they told me. Like I’m only 24, what did I do in my past to deserve all this?”. She was on her hospital bed wearing a blue face mask, and bright pink hoodie.

This revelation has left many people astounded and concerned, wondering how someone so young could suffer a stroke. As of now, there aren’t many details regarding what caused Cori’s stroke. She seemed like a very healthy and vibrant person. However, about 4 months ago she had a kidney biopsy done, which she revealed in a video on IG, which could indicate she has battling some type of health condition for some time now.

How Snoop Dogg's Daughter Cori Broadus' Stroke at Only 24 Years Old Reveals an Alarming Trend in America
Image Credit: Instagram @princessbroadus

How Cori Broadus’ Rare Stroke Sheds Light on an Alarming Trend in America

Strokes in young adults, particularly those under 25, are indeed rare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, 10% to 15% of the nearly 795,000 people in the United States who have a stroke are between the ages of 18 and 45.

Despite a decline in the general population, stroke rates and hospitalizations for it have increased by more than 40% among younger adults in the past several decades. This alarming trend suggests that risk factors are not being well managed in young adults.

While in some rare cases things like surgery complications can be the at fault, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and diabetes are leading causes of stroke. One in 3 U.S. adults has at least one of these conditions or habits. Moreover, genetics and family history, as well as lifestyle factors such as tobacco and alcohol use, eating a diet high in saturated fats, and not getting enough physical activity, may also contribute to the risk of stroke.

While the specifics of Cori Broadus’ health condition remain mostly unknown, her experience has shed light on the reality of young adults suffering from strokes. It’s a call to action for better management of health risk factors and increased awareness about strokes among younger demographics.

Cori’s health scare serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining good health and managing risk factors effectively, regardless of age. It underscores the need for increased awareness about the signs and symptoms of stroke, as well as the importance of seeking immediate medical attention when these signs are observed.

As we wish Cori a swift and complete recovery, we also hope that her story will inspire others to take proactive steps towards their own health and wellbeing.

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