When Kanye West and Kyrie Irving were getting dropped by companies left and right it seemed the businesses were trying to portray the image they were mighty and righteous. Many people felt it was ironic when Nike dropped Kyrie, considering the allegations they have factories in China that have been accused of using child labor and subpar working conditions. Joe Tsai the owner of the Nets who claimed Kyrie wasn’t fit to be part of his team is allegedly doing business with people in China who are being accused of committing genocide. Now Balenciaga who said they wanted nothing to do with Kanye West is getting grilled on social media after their latest fashion campaign.

Balenciaga Accused of Promoting Pedophile Imagery in New Fashion Campaign Making People Question Their Decision to Drop Kanye West

Recently Balenciaga came under major scrutiny after they posted campaign ads on Instagram that had some very strange vibes going on. Firstly there was a small child holding a teddy bear in bondage gear. Secondly on the table in the picture were court documents related to a pedophile trial. The subtle imagery in the campaign left people wondering why it appeared that Balenciaga was promoting pedophile imagery to the public in a blatant manner.

When the situation went viral Balenciaga went into panic mode. First they deleted all their Instagram posts related to the campaign, then issued an apology. All things considered it seems the strange campaign would be still up and running if they weren’t called out for it. With the situation at hand brewing people remembered how Balenciaga was acting all righteous when they severed ties with Kanye West, and said they wanted nothing to do with him. Now people are wondering why they should accept Balenciaga’s apology when they were same company that felt Kanye was beyond an apology. Take a look at how social media is destroying Balenciaga for the apparent pedophile imagery in their cancelled fashion campaign.

This situation is completely baffling from a business standpoint. This horrific campaign making it past Balenciaga’s PR department is simply perplexing. It’s tough to believe that they didn’t think people would notice the strange undertones in that campaign, even if it was unintentional. Why were they so blatant as to put court documents that people could easily read?

It will be interesting to see if Kanye West will release a video reacting to this controversial situation. He has to feel it’s ironic that one of the companies that cancelled him over a tweet is now getting cancelled as well.

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