In 2005 the NBA changed the draft age to 19 in an effort to make high school athletes experience at least one year of college before entering the league. The change caused much controversy, and didn’t make sense to most people since in most cases high school athletes who were NBA ready felt they were wasting their time in college. Since then the NBA made new rules to circumvent NCAA such as creating a salary program for high school athletes in the G league. Now according to reports they are changing the rule altogether, and social media feels Lebron James is the reason.

Details on Why Social Media is Convinced Lebron James Paid to Make NBA Lower Draft Age Back to 18 to Make Bronny James Eligible for 2023 Draft

According to reports the NBA and NBPA are on verge of agreeing to lower the draft age eligibility back to 18 years old. This would mean high school athletes can go straight to the NBA again. Bronny James turns 18 on October 6 of this year, which means he would be eligible for the 2023 draft. People on social media are convinced Lebron James paid the NBA to lower the draft age back to 18 specifically for Bronny and Bryce. Take a look at some reactions.

Is Bronny James Signing with the Lakers Next Season?

Some time ago Lebron James claimed he would leave the Lakers, and sign with any team that drafted Bronny James. However, he recently signed a two year $97 Million extension, which would take his Lakers contract into the 2025 season. Could this be a sign that Bronny James will skip the draft altogether, and just sign with the Lakers as an undrafted free agent?

The reality is Bronny James actually doesn’t even look to be NBA ready, but much could change before the 2023 draft. It would be cool to see how he performs at the college level, but seeing him on an NBA court with Lebron next season would be legendary too.

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