Damar Hamlin staged hoax cardiac arrest conspiracy theory evidence

The conspiracy theories surrounding Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest began shortly after the event occurred on January 2nd, 2023. During a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamlin collapsed after a tackle and his heartbeat had to be restored on the field. Naturally due to events that occurred over the past few years people began to question if the COVID vaccine was involved, but then a completely different theory began to gain steam.

Why is a Conspiracy Theory Damar Hamlin Staged Cardiac Arrest in Fake Hoax is Trending?

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the whole incident was a hoax, and that Hamlin faked having cardiac arrest. They believe Hamlin’s hospital room was full of props, suggesting that it was all staged. Furthermore, many believe that a fake ambulance came on the field, because it had no logos or words, and looked more like a U-Haul truck. This has led some to believe that Hamlin was never actually taken to the hospital, and that the whole event was a ruse.

The conspiracy theory gained steam when a nurse commented on Damar Hamlin’s IG post asking why he wasn’t connected to a heart monitor, which she insinuated would be standard in situations related to cardiac arrest even after the patient is alert and awake. She then pointed out that his saline lock IV was not taped properly, and stated it looked more like a hospital prop. IG user 2LarryJohnson7 who reposted the nurse’s questions suggested that Hamlin staged the medical emergency for monetary gain by pointing out he started a clothing line and other ventures that capitalize off the situation in just the past few days.

Damar Hamlin staged hoax cardiac arrest hospital props conspiracy theory evidence

In a viral Instagram video the same conspiracy theorist pointed out the ambulance that came on the field was said to be from the UC Health Center. However, it appeared to have no branding, and no lights. When the IG user ran the license plate number from Hamlin’s ambulance it leads to a 2016 Chevrolet Express.

Damar Hamlin staged cardiac arrest fake ambulance conspiracy theory evidence
Damar Hamlin Ambulance Side by Side with Alleged Regular UC Health Model Image Credit: IG @2LarryJohnson7
no word, logo, or branding on Damar Hamlin's ambulance conspiracy
No Words or Branding on Alleged UC Health Ambulance Image Credit: IG @2LarryJohnson7
Damar Hamlin ambulance vin number leading to Chevrolet Express 2016 conspiracy
Ambulance Vin Number Shows a 2016 Chevrolet Express Image Credit: IG @2LarryJohnson7

If the incident was indeed a hoax, it would be incredibly difficult to pull off. It would require an immense amount of planning and coordination, and it would also involve a massive risk. Not only would it be difficult to keep the whole thing quiet, but it would also be dangerous to fake a medical emergency. In addition similar to police cars, it’s possible that an ambulance might use the chassis of specific model of vehicle, which in this case could be a Chevrolet Express.

While it is possible that Hamlin’s hospital room was full of props and that the ambulance that came on the field was a U-Haul truck, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Hamlin faked his cardiac arrest. Still yet there’s definitely some things that seem a bit strange after seeing what conspiracy theorists have been pointing out, but there’s probably logical explanations behind it.

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