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Will Killian Hayes Knocking Out Moritz Wagner with Dangerous Back of Head Punch Lead to a Season Long Suspension?

Detroit fans are no strangers to watching dangerous altercations happen during their games. Still till this day the ‘Malice in the Palace’ remains the most disastrous brawls in NBA history. On Wednesday night it must have felt like Deja Vu when a scuffle led to both teams benches emptying, and a player taking a dangerous blow that left him slumped.

Will Killian Hayes Knocking Out Moritz Wagner with a Back of Head Sucker Punch Lead to a Season Long Suspension?

During Magic vs Pistons things got out of control after Moritz Wagner pushed Killian Hayes into his team’s bench in what might have been a simple mistake while battling for a lose ball. Still yet Hayes took the shove as an egregious form of disrespect, and retaliated in the most dangerous way possible. As his body was still turned Killian Hayes sucker punched Moritz Wagner in the back of his head, which instantly knocked him out leaving him slump in the arms of Pistons’ bench players.

Why are Back of Head Punches So Dangerous?

Back of head punches are one of the most dangerous punches you can throw. Not only are they difficult to block, but they also have a high chance of causing serious injury. That’s because the back of the head is a vulnerable area – it’s easy to hit, and doesn’t have a lot of protection.

Plus, because the head is so close to the spine, back of head punches can cause spinal injuries. In fact, back of head punches are responsible for a third of all spinal injuries in boxing. If you’re ever tempted to throw a punch to the back of someone’s head, don’t do it. It’s not only dangerous, it’s also unnecessary.

Naturally people are wondering if Killian Hayes knocking out Moritz Wagner with a rabbit punch will lead to a suspension for rest of the season. For the Pistons that would be a tough spill to swallow considering Cade Cunningham is already out for the rest of the year with that troubling stress fracture injury.