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Has Kanye West Been Kidnapped by Illuminati? Ye is Allegedly Missing, Here’s why People Believe He Was Taken

Where is Kanye West? People are a bit worried after the US Sun reported that Kanye West is missing. Reports suggest that he may be on the run to avoid his ex-business manager who is trying to serve him with a $4.5 Million lawsuit, but is that a cover to hide the possibility he might have been taken?

Did the Illuminati Kidnap Kanye West? Details About the Conspiracy Theory Ye is Missing Because He Was Taken

According to reports Ye’s former business manager Thomas St. John is suing Yeezy brand for alleged missed payments. Today it was reported that Kanye has been AWOL for the past few weeks. In response St. John is reportedly working with a legal team to get the deadline to serve his lawsuit changed to March 2023. Remember despite losing most his contracts, it’s important to remember that Ye is still worth almost $500 million dollars, so $4.5 million shouldn’t be much for him to pay theoretically, but maybe he doesn’t want to pay considering he was complaining about businesses scamming him.

On social media some conspiracy theorists believe that it’s possible the Illuminati has kidnapped Kanye West for breaking their unwritten rules of publicly revealing their secrets, and badmouthing their integrity. Remember Ye has made headlines over the past few months by trying to expose them, and outright claiming they can’t control him. He even went as far as claiming his mother, and family members of other prominent celebrities were sacrificed to them.

Is it coincidence that Kanye West is missing now, or is it related to his recent outbursts? What’s scary about that is not too long ago Kanye was on video claiming that people “go missing” in Hollywood all the time. Just take a listen to the footage below.

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is an alleged secret society that many believe is evil with a direct connection to Satan. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati is a group of people with satanic powers who are working to bring about their own agenda. These conspiracies convey that the Illuminati is believed to be behind many things that have gone wrong in the world – from the financial crisis of 2008 to the COVID-19 virus. Some people even believe they are responsible for everything from global warming, Donald Trump getting elected, to the wars in Syria and Iraq.

It’s widely believed that celebrities who speak out against this mysterious alleged group are putting themselves in danger, which is why the conspiracy theory that the Illuminati kidnapped Kanye West is trending.