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Is Kevin Samuels Fake? Viral Video has Black Women Mad at Kevin Samuels Energy Shift Around White Women in Real Life

Is Kevin Samuels faking his persona? To most men Kevin Samuels is known as the king of keeping it real with women, because he regularly attempts to speak what he feels is the harsh truth towards women on YouTube and social media. Many times his act of what some people feel is disparaging women in an eloquent manner targets black ladies.

Naturally you wouldn’t expect Kevin Samuels to act like the average man around women in real life considering the character he portrays, which has a recent video under controversy. Black women are mad at Kevin Samuels’ energy shift around white women at a cafe.

In the footage the two white women interrupt Kevin Samuels while he is eating to flirt with him. One of the women even takes off his glasses and puts them on. All the while the self proclaimed “high value” man Kevin Samuels is acting like a “low value man” who rarely gets attention from women in real life. You could see Kevin Samuels getting nervous around the women. It seems like he was trying to impress the ladies, rather than letting ladies impress him. Some people think the shift of energy was due to the women being white.

Can you believe that’s the same guy in this video?

Is Kevin Samuels faking the funk with his whole tough on women act? Or could his act just all be a ploy to get attention from women? Considering his alleged high school background both Kevin Samuels conspiracy theories seem plausible.

One thing is for sure, if his YouTube persona isn’t genuine it means he’s one of the greatest actors ever. It also means millions of men who stan him were tricked were tricked with ideologies he doesn’t truly practice.

Kevin Samuels looked ready to risk it all for those two women, which is the complete opposite of the subject matter he preaches.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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