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Did a COVID Vaccine Myocarditis Side-Effect Cause Damar Hamlin to Suffer Cardiac Arrest? A Doctor Thinks So

When you see a young healthy player suddenly collapse on the field due to a heart related injury, the search for answers instantly begins especially when they had no prior history of circulatory issues. While many people believe that a rare condition called commotio cordis may have caused Damar Hamlin to suffer cardiac arrest, in recent years due to the well known fact that COVID vaccines in rare instances can affect the heart of young people, naturally there are questions around whether that might be the real cause.

Did a COVID Vaccine Side-Effect Cause Damar Hamlin Suffer Myocarditis Related Cardiac Arrest Before Collapsing on the Field?

Before Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field he took a hit to the chest while tackling an opponent. He briefly got up like nothing was wrong with him, then collapsed to the field hitting the back of his helmet on the turf. Medical personnel quickly rushed to his aid performing CPR, and chest compressions. Many people believe that blow to the chest that may have triggered a rare myocardial contusion known as commotio cordis. However, if you were watching the game live then you know it didn’t seem like he got hit that hard, which has led some people to focus their attention on the COVID Vaccine. It’s alleged that Damar Hamlin was vaccinated, as are most NFL players due to the stringent vaccine mandates many NFL teams put in place.

Damar Hamlin Covid Vaccine Myocarditis conspiracy details
Bills Damar Hamlin Taking a Seemingly Light Hit to the Chest Before Collapsing

Why Does the COVID Vaccine Cause Myocarditis in Some People?

Recent studies have shown that the COVID vaccine can cause myocarditis in some young people. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle, and it can have serious consequences. To better understand why the COVID vaccine might cause myocarditis, it’s important to understand how it works. The vaccine works by triggering an immune response, and this can lead to inflammation in some cases. The inflammation caused by the vaccine is generally mild, but it can be severe in some individuals, leading to myocarditis.

Additionally, there is some evidence that suggests that the vaccine might interact with certain pre-existing medical conditions, making those individuals more likely to develop myocarditis. The good news is that the risk of developing this condition is extremely low, and it’s usually treatable with medication if caught in time. Is it possible the COVID vaccine caused Damar Hamlin to develop Myocarditis, which led to him collapsing on the field? Some conspiracy theorists, and doctors such as Peter McCullough believe so.

Dr. Pete McCullough Damar Hamlin Covid Vaccine Side Effect Myocarditis
Damar Hamlin Covid Vaccine Side Effect Cardiac Arrest Myocarditis

International Sports Reporters Questioned Whether COVID Vaccine was Causing Soccer Players to Collapse Back in 2021

Back in November of 2021 during a Live Broadcast after soccer player John Fleck’s collapsing incident, TalkSPORT cut off commentator Trevor Sinclair’s feed when he asked if Fleck took the COVID Vaccine prior to his heart issue. Around this same time the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung wrote a report regarding the sudden increase of soccer players collapsing seeking to find an answer to what was causing the scary trend that seemed to coincide with the increased used of the vaccine.

Damar Hamlin Covid Vaccine Side Effect conspiracy theory details

From the outside looking in this looks more likely to be an extremely rare occurrence of commotio cordis. However, since that hasn’t been confirmed the possibility that Damar Hamlin suffered a COVID-19 vaccine induced cardiac arrest due to myocarditis shouldn’t be completely overlooked either. Whatever the case may be hopefully he makes a full recovery.

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