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Would You Buy Ice Spice Back Shot Wind Scratch and Sniff Stickers? Heated Debate Unfolds on Social Media

It’s no secret that men love women who have a nice sized derrière. However, theoretically speaking having a big butt would make it harder to clean completely around the center, and more apt to having a strong odor, especially when someone has really long nails. Considering we live in a society where your looks can control how people think, how that smell is perceived would vary greatly based on how attractive a woman generally is. This sparked a viral discussion on whether or not knowing what Ice Spice’s butt wind smells like during a certain activities would be something people should want.

Ice Spice Back Shot Wind Scratch and Sniff Stickers Go Viral

We’ve all came across stickers that give off a specific odor after scratching them. How would you feel is someone told you that they have a scratch and sniff sticker that smells like Ice Spice’s back shot wind? The phrase refers to the gust of air a woman’s buttocks area can produce during certain positions of adult activities. This smell of the wind can be a mixture of sweat and/or bad hygiene, and usually increases in potency in relation to the size of the curves. Naturally people are very curious about what Ice Spice’s butt smells like when she’s producing that wind gust. Apparently a lot of people would be willing to buy her stickers, and that has some people very disgusted about the desperations levels reaching a new low.

Like someone mentioned there are social media influencers who literally fart in jars, seal the container, then sell it for a lot money. Considering that it wouldn’t be surprising if Ice Spice actually release back shot wind scratch and sniff stickers, so the public can experience part of what the people she sleeps with might be experiencing.