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Woman Hangs Off Boyfriend Car Sunroof As He Drives Away After Getting Caught Cheating in Viral Video

Cheating stories never end well, and they never begin well either. In a viral video a woman hanged off her boyfriend’s car sunroof as he tried to drive away after being caught cheating. Before it got to that point the cheating man almost ran his girlfriend over has she walked towards the car to confront him.

Frantic bystanders kept telling both of them to not doing anything stupid, but that’s what they both did. The woman was able to pull the girl her boyfriend was cheating out the car through his sunroof.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the videos if you hear no sound.

Everyone gets emotional when they find out their significant other has been cheating on them, but it’s never something to risk your life over. This easiest thing to do is to the let them be and move on with your life.

Hopefully the woman hanging on to her cheating boyfriend’s sunroof didn’t sustain any serious injuries. He’s lucky he didn’t run her over, because he would have been going to jail.

Author: JordanThrilla

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