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Kali Muscle Almost Stabs Man After Pulling Knife on Him For Walking In Front Of His Camera While Recording Video

When Kali Muscle is making videos for social media he has very short temper if you interrupt him, even if you didn’t mean to do it. That became apparent when Kali Muscle pull out a knife on a man who walked in front of his camera while he was recording.

Kali Muscle almost stabbed the man who interrupted his video, before cooler heads prevailed and the situation turned peaceful.

A fist bump later and the lucky man was on his way without being harmed.

It’s clear Kali Muscle overreacted, but it can be annoying when someone interrupts a perfect take. No one knows how many times he recorded that segment only for someone to interrupt the first perfect take he did.

Luckily no one got hurt, but a major lesson was learned, don’t walk in front of Kali Muscle’s camera when he is making videos or you might get stabbed.

Author: JordanThrilla

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