Here is Why Platinum Spa Atlanta GA is Trending Even Though Platinum Isn't a Spa in Atlanta GA

Yesterday a massage parlor killing spree in Atlanta area left 8 people dead in three different Spas in Georgia. Investigation confirmed they were all connected to the same suspect.

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Why is Platinum Spa Atlanta GA trending when Platinum Isn’t a Spa?

The first shooting happened in Cherokee Young’s Asians Massage Parlor where 4 people were killed. The second Massage parlor shooting happened at an Atlanta location where 3 people were killed. Then another shooting where 1 person was killed happened at a Spa right across the street.

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Those two Spas are basically right next door to Platinum Strip Club, which had various news outlets like CNN confusing viewers by calling it Platinum Spa in Atlanta GA. The shootings actually happened at Gold Spa and Aromatherapy Spa, but they were acting as if there was a third shooting inside “Platinum Spa”, which as aforementioned is actually Platinum Strip Club.

On social media people began calling out CNN’s colossal mistake, when covering the story.

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Here is Why Platinum Spa Atlanta GA is Trending Even Though Platinum Isn't a Spa in Atlanta GA

More Details on the Atlanta GA Spas Mass Shooting Near Platinum Strip Club

The suspect is a 21 year old white male named Robert Aaron Long, and he has been arrested for all three shootings. At the shooting in Cherokee the victims included 1 white woman, 2 Asians, ad 1 white male. All four of the victims were Asian at the Atlanta locations, which possibly makes this hate crime. In all 6 of the 8 victims were Asians.

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Robert Aaron Long Massage Parlor Killing Spree in Atlanta Area Leaves 8 people Dead in Three separate Spa Shootings in Georgia

Pray for the victims and their families. Stay away from Spas and Massage Parlors if you are in the Atlanta area. Also remember there is no Platinum Spa in Atlanta GA that was involved in this shooting, just a strip club with that name that happens to be near two of the Spas involved.

Author: JordanThrilla

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