Kevin Samuels gay. Kevin Samuel making gay comment to rugged Karen about Alexander The Great

Is Kevin Samuels gay? During an argument with a rugged Karen, Kevin Samuels made a gay comment that shocked many people listening.

Kevin Samuels and the Rugged Karen Feminist were arguing over the strength abilities of women vs men. At one point the conversation shifted to Kevin Samuels telling her that men don’t need women for $exual pleasure, they just want women. He began talking about the era of Alexander The Great, where his army was away from women for months. He mentioned how men back then had male squires that would fill the role of woman in giving them $exual pleasure, which made women useless to them beside procreating.

This led to people thinking that Kevin Samuels came out the closet. Take a listen.

Does this mean Kevin Samuels is gay? Or are people reaching, because of the backlash he gets for being a woman hater?

One thing is for sure, he seems to be going a bit overboard by saying men only want women for $ex. That is very demeaning, and completely devalues the existence of women.

Author: JordanThrilla

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