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Florida Woman’s Fake Identity $1400 Target Scam Arrest Video Trends After She Tries to Flee in Handcuffs in Bodycam Footage

A woman who tried to scam Target out of $1400 worth of merchandise was arrested after she gave police a fake name, fake birthday, and attempted to flee while in handcuffs. The whole incident was captured on bodycam footage by the Florida Police Department, who posted the video online.

Details on How the Woman’s Fake Identity $1400 Target Scam Discovery Led to Her Running From Police in Handcuffs

The incident occurred on June 20, 2023, at a Target store in Florida. According to the police report, officers were conducting a theft investigation after loss prevention officers observed two women walking out of the store with several items that they did not pay for. The items included clothing, electronics, household goods, and cosmetics, totaling $1449.63.

The bodycam footage shows the officers approaching one of the women, who was putting the items in a car that she did not have the keys to. She claimed it was her boyfriends car, and she left the key at home, because it was a push star car. As the the officers placed her in handcuffs, they asked her for her name and date of birth, and she told them she was “Shemeka Wilson”, and that she was born on “12/02/92”.

However, when the officers ran her information through their database, they could not find any records matching her identity. They asked her again for her name, and she spelled it differently, saying “Shemeka Wilson”.

At this point the officers let her know that they were aware she gave them fake information, and that they would be able to identify her through fingerprints at the police station.

You could see the look in her eyes, which indicated she was about to do something crazy, because they had found the holes in her story.

Meanwhile, the other woman, who was still inside the store at the cash register oblivious to the fact that her friend was in handcuffs, was also questioned by the police. She claimed that she did not know that she had to pay for the items that her friend had taken out of the store.

She said that she thought her friend was paying for them at another register. However, the loss prevention officers confirmed that they had not seen either of them pay for anything.

After the police escorted the second woman out of the store, the first woman decided to make a run for it while still handcuffed. She sprinted across the parking lot, dragging one of the officers with her.

The other officer quickly caught up with her, and tackled her to the ground. She resisted arrest, and shouted that she did not want to go to jail. The officers speculated that she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest, but this was not confirmed in the video.

However, the loss prevention security working at Target claimed that the two women might have been involved in over 15 similar cases in the area, including multiple times at the Target location where the incident took place. They claimed to have documentation related to all the other incidents.

It appears they were waiting for either the right moment, or right amount of goods to be stolen to finally strike back. In Florida you have to steal over $750 worth of goods to be charged with grand theft.

The woman, whose real name was never revealed, was charged with grand theft and resisting arrest without violence. It’s not clear if the second woman was charged, but they were both allegedly banned from the Target store. The car that they were using was allegedly towed, but details on who the real owner is was not revealed in the footage.

The video of the incident has been viewed millions of times on YouTube, and has received widespread attention from the media and the public. It has become known as the “$1400 Target scam that ended in disaster”.