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Is Video of 12 Year Old Girl Shooting her 14 Year Old Cousin on IG Live Then Committing Suicide a Murder or Accident?

Over the years we have all witnessed some of the most unthinkable deaths happen on Instagram Live. However, nothing has been quite as tragic as what took place at a small home in St. Louis, Missouri. The incident, which is still being investigated left a 12 year old girl named Paris Harvey, and her 14 year old cousin Kuaron Harvey dead.

Is the Video of a 12 Year Old Girl Shooting her 14 Year Old Cousin on Instagram Live Then Committing Suicide a Murder or Accident?

This sad situation happened at home on Spruce Street around 2 a.m. on Friday at a peaceful birthday party. While the adults were in another room 12 year old Paris Harvey and 14 year old Kuaron Harvey were inside a bathroom playing with a gun to make an Instagram Live video for their followers. Things went left went the 12 year old shot her 14 year old cousin in the head in front of the IG Live viewers. Immediately after the 12 year old Paris Harvey committed suicide by shooting herself.

The Evidence That Paris Harvey Shooting Kuaron Harvey Was an Accident and Not a Murder Suicide

St. Louis police are calling the video a “murder-suicide”, however relatives of Paris Harvey believe it should be classified as a “freak accident”. After watching the video below, you’ll see why police labeling this a murder seems a bit harsh. For one when Paris Harvey put the gun to her cousin’s head you could hear her say ‘It’s not loaded’ right before the gunshot went off. Also she was holding the gun upside down, which means she had no idea what she was doing in the first place.

Her reaction also indicates it was not a murder, because after Kuaron Harvey was shot she falls down while covering her ears before shooting herself. It’s even possible Paris Harvey accidentally shot herself while trying to pickup up gun after the shooting, because she seemed to drop it after the first shot went off. What do you think did Paris Harvey murder her cousin Kuaron Harvey intentionally? Take a look at the footage.

One of the saddest parts about the Instagram Live video of Paris and Kuaron Harvey’s death is seeing how their family and friends reacted when they came into the bathroom, and realized that two children were dead. The pain in their voices is the same pain we all feel watching that sad footage. On social media some people are blaming the parents for not keeping the gun in a safe place Paris Harvey couldn’t find, but remember they were at friends house for a birthday party, so there is no confirmation on whose gun it was.

It’s too sad that Paris Harvey committed suicide immediately after the accidental shooting, because that only added more pain to the tragedy that happened. Hopefully the police will stop using descriptions of the case that make her seem like a murderer, because she was just a child who was playing with a gun she didn’t know was loaded.

RIP Paris and Kuaron Harvey.