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#DreamisaFreak Trends as a Woman Accuses Dream of Being a Pedophile, Racist, Grooming, and Calling Vegans Disabled

The famous YouTuber named Dream is a gamer who is mostly known for his Minecraft and speedrun videos. He appeared on the YouTube scene in 2014, but really rose to fame in 2019 after he began making Minecraft related videos. His most famous series of videos is titled “Minecraft Hunt”. He amassed over 19 Million subscribers on YouTube, over 5 million followers on Twitter, and has videos that get upwards of 50 million views regularly. He accomplished all that without ever showing his real face, but recently he finally revealed his to face to the world, and things went way left with one of the most viral roast sessions ever. Now he’s caught in a controversy regarding some claims a woman online made about him.

Hashtag #DreamisaFreak Trends as a Woman Accuses Dream of Being a Pedophile, Racist, Grooming, and Calling Vegans Disabled

The twitter world went crazy after allegations about Dream’s dark secrets surfaced on Reddit, which led to the hashtag ‘Dream is a Freak’ trending. In the form a long list a woman accused Dream of being a pedophile, supporting grooming women, saying racist things, and looking the other way when his fans were harassing minors among other things. As the situation caught steam people on social media dug up old tweets and posts Dream made on various websites that fueled the accusations the were being brought against him.

Among the racist things Dream allegedly did are allegations that he used an Indian war cry, said a Mexican man smelled like tacos, made jokes about segregation, and did projects that paid homage to the KKK and Osama Bin Laden. In addition the list accuses Dream of saying it’s “satisfying” to see his fans harass minors. It’s also alleged that Dream said being vegan is a disability. The pedophile allegations Dream is facing involve things he allegedly said about a 13 and 16 year old girls. Those aspects are only few of the shocking revelations in the leaked list of Dream’s alleged dark secrets.

Dream’s Old Tweets and Reddit Posts from His Alleged Burner Account that People Believe Supports the Racism and Grooming Allegations

Now that you read through the accusations, here’s some old tweets and reddit posts from Dream that people are posting on social media as evidence supporting the allegations.

The tweets below allegedly show Dream defending his Indian war cry that many people feel is racist and very offensive.

These reddit posts were allegedly made by Dream’s burner account ‘lordlordyy’. In the posts he seemed to be defending a football player who was facing $exual assault allegations. CFB is the College Football subreddit.

In these twitter posts from 2020 Dream seemed to be trying to convince someone that calling a mental disabled person a “retard” was appropriate, despite the fact the word is considered offensive by a large majority.

This twitter user claimed to be one of the people who was harassed by his fans, which Dream allegedly finds “satisfying” based on the leaked accusations.

The general reactions to the situation where all over the place with movie and tv show references.

Will Dream survive this controversy, or will his image be tarnished forever? Only time will tell.

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