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Joe Biden Falling Off Bike in Stationary Crash at Rehoboth Beach Fuels Worry About His Health

When it comes to having embarrassing moments Joe Biden has taken the lead in comparison to most other presidents. Whether it was falling down steps, allegedly pooping himself while visiting the Pope, lying about meeting Golda Meir, or all those brain lapses during speeches, it seems like Joe Biden is an embarrassing moment waiting to happen whenever he’s in public. That trend continued when someone decided it was safe to let the 79 year old Joe Biden ride a bicycle in public.

Did Joe Biden Collapse after Riding a Bike? Joe Biden Crashing Bike During Stationary Fall at Rehoboth Beach Sparks Worry About His Health?

Usually when someone crashes a bike it happens while they are in motion. However, in a strange plot twist Joe Biden crashed his bike while he was literally standing still. The moment has fueled more worries about his overall health, because the way he fell seemed more related to a medical issue than just being a mistake. It was almost like he lost his balance, because he got lightheaded or dizzy. Take a look.

This angle shows that when Joe Biden fell off his bike he wasn’t even moving, some people think it looked more like he collapsed.

Hopefully Joe Biden didn’t suffer any injuries from his fall, because at his age a bike crash like that can be very dangerous. We’ve all seen those “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” Life Alert commercials. Luckily his presidential medical team is with him at all times, or at least they should be.

Joe Biden might want to stay off social media for a few days, because right now the jokes and memes are endless.

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