Have you ever seen a gangster pet monkey? Before today most people would say they haven’t, but after Mexican FEDS released pictures from the aftermath a shootout between their forces and the infamous La Familia Michoaacana criminal group that has changed. The scenes from the released photos show that there was a deep bond between the dead pet monkey and it’s Drug Cartel owner even in the moment before their deaths.

La Familia Michoaacana Drug Cartel’s Pet Monkey Dead Body in Bulletproof Vest after Shootout with Mexican FEDS Goes Viral

According to reports the shootout between the La Familia Michoaacana Cartel and Mexican authorities took place in Texcaltitlan, central Mexico. Reports say that there were 10 fatalities, and 10 others were arrested. Of the 10 members who were detained three remain in the hospital with serious injuries. Three of the captured members were said to be women, and one is a child who is under the age of 15.

The Drug Cartel’s pet monkey’s dead body is seen in the photo lying face up with it’s hands in an open position, which suggests that the owner who was a man in his 20s was probably hugging the monkey while they were being shot at. The monkey appeared to have gunshot wounds to it’s lower body.

As you’ll see below the drug cartel’s pet monkey is wearing a bulletproof vest that was presumably custom made considering how small it is. One can only imagine how scared it was in the moments before it died in its owner’s arms.

La Familia Michoaacana Drug Cartel’s Pet Monkey Dead Body in Bulletproof Vest

How Much Does a Spider Monkey Cost in America?

According to reports La Familia Michoaacana Cartel member’s pet monkey was said to be of the Spider species. In the United States the lowest you can legally buy a Spider Monkey for is around $10,000. In addition you would have to spend money on building a special enclosure to keep them in.

Generally they are not recommended to keep as pets due to their aggressive nature, sharp teeth, and similarities to humans in terms of DNA. Due them being closely related to humans Spider Monkey’s are known to carry many deadly diseases and parasites that impact humans, unlike other pets such as dogs.

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