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Watch: Lori Harvey’s Diet and Workout Routine Causes ‘Calorie Deficit’ Meaning Confusion Reactions on Social Media

It’s no secret that Lori Harvey has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. She’s ripped while not being overly ripped and she has curves yet very little extra body fat. Her abs are one of her physical traits that stands out most. Naturally women everywhere use Lori Harvey’s body as a threshold for their workout goals, so people have always wondered what she did to get her body to where it is today. Recently in a viral TikTok video Lori Harvey revealed her secrets, and left some people bewildered.

Lori Harvey’s Diet, Calorie Deficit, and Workout Routine Shocks Social Media

Lori Harvey started off her video by admitting she gained 15 pounds of relationship weight at the beginning of her romance with Michael B. Jordan. She described her body at the time as looking ‘horrible’, which made her want to work even harder to regain her normal figure. Her workout routine is relatively simple in that she’s doing things the average person can also do. However, many people found her diet revelations impractical, but only because they didn’t understand what she was saying. Here is the gist of Lori Harvey’s diet and workout plan.

According to her TikTok video Lori Harvey has been consistently doing Pilates for the last year. She works out 5 or 6 times a week, and for the first month and half she did two-a-days, which basically means she was working out twice a day. She would do Pilates in the morning, then go running on a treadmill for 30 minutes or for hike immediately after. She claims she was in a calorie deficit, because she was consuming 1,200 calories a day with a diet that consisted of eating meat, veggies, and minimal carbs. Lori Harvey’s calorie deficit revelation is what sparked the most intense reactions on social media, but only because people are confused about what it really means.

What Did Lori Harvey Mean by ‘Calorie Deficit’? Was Lori Harvey Only Eating 1,200 Calories Per Day?

As you can see from the reactions many people think that Lori Harvey was literally eating 1,200 calories per day. However, a calorie deficit means you are burning more calories than you eat each day. For example if you ate 3,000 calories today, but burned 4,200 calories from working out that would mean you have a calorie deficit of 1,200 calories. That’s probably what Lori Harvey meant when she said she was consuming 1,200 calories per day, unless she doesn’t understand what the term ‘calorie deficit’ actually means.

While Lori Harvey’s workout routine may seem extreme, what’s most important is making an effort. The old saying “it’s the effort that counts” definitely holds true with a fitness regimen.

Doing as little as working out for 30 minutes each day and eating healthy foods can do amazing things for the body.