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Is Jordan Poole Boxing Training to Knockout Draymond Green For His Dad?

A video of Jordan Poole, the young star of the Golden State Warriors, has recently gone viral on social media. The clip shows Poole doing some intense boxing training in the gym, throwing punches at a heavy bag and a speed bag. The video has sparked a lot of speculation and jokes among NBA fans, especially since it was posted shortly after Poole’s father, Anthony Poole, publicly challenged Draymond Green to a fight.

Anthony Poole, who is also a former basketball player, made headlines last week when he called out Green, the veteran leader and defensive anchor of the Warriors.

In a viral tweet, Anthony Poole aka @apoole98 called Green “soft” and the B-word. He accused him of avoiding him all through the season, and never apologizing to him or Poole’s mom. He also challenged him to a fight, saying “he lame and me and him can meet anytime he want”.

Green has not responded to Anthony Poole’s challenge, but he has been known for his fiery personality and trash talk. However, some fans have taken the video of Jordan Poole’s boxing training as a hint that he is siding with his father, and preparing to confront Green again.

Some have joked that Poole is training to knock out Green for revenge. There’s no amount that training that will fix his weak chin though.

Poole has not commented on his father’s challenge. It is unclear if the video of Poole’s boxing training has anything to do with his father’s challenge, or his relationship with Green. It could be just a part of his regular workout routine, or a way to have some fun and relieve some stress.

However, it is clear that Poole is a talented and hardworking player who is focused on helping his new team win games and championships. Don’t be surprised if Jordan Poole is All Star next season. He could end up being a top 5 scorer in the league stat wise.

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