Virtual Reality games have come a long way from low framerate choppy movement days. Now VR games move much smoother giving people the feel like they are in a real life video game, although the graphics are still usually not on par with traditional games. Still yet they offer new possibilities such as slapping an NBA player apparently.

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TikTok Video Showing Man Slapping Virtual Reality Lebron James Goes Viral

Basketball is the type of sport that works somewhat flawlessly in Virtual Reality since it has a naturally immersive design. A video from TikToker @tonn showing someone slapping Lebron James in virtual reality then dunking on him is proof of that. To put virtual icing on the disrespectful cake he crossed up VR Lebron to the ground then slapped him again.

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The whole sequence made for one of the funniest short gaming clips to hit the internet in recent times. The sound effect of the slap hitting virtual Lebron made the clip that much funnier. Tweets about the video on went viral across social media.

A hilariously subtle aspect of the video that people might not notice is how slow Lebron is sliding his feet on defense. He was moving in slowing motion while the player moving super fast. It seems similar to how some people say defense feels in NBA 2k22 when you’re playing against a playmaking shot creator with 99 speed who runs left to right while also using screens.

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It’s safe to say Virtual Lebron getting slapped might be as surprising as Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

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