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Anthony Davis Gets Roasted After Video of Lebron, Bryce, and Bronny at Lakers Facility Practicing with Phil Handy

These days there are no Lakers players that catch more strays than Russell Westbrook, and ‘Mr. Street Clothes‘ aka Anthony Davis. With the awful season Lakers had last season people are still mad at the amount of games AD missed due to unlimited injuries. Many people believe AD gets injured often, because he doesn’t put in proper work in the offseason. Unfortunately for him a recent video led to people calling him out once again.

Anthony Davis Gets Roasted Due to Video of Lebron, Bryce, and Bronny James with Phil Handy at Lakers Facility Practicing

There’s no doubt that the relationship Lebron has with his two sons is probably the most wholesome in the NBA from a social media standpoint. Whether he’s at their game, at his dinner table, or in his driveway shooting around when videos surface of Lebron with his sons it really seems like they are best friends. It’s almost like the perfect example of how many fathers would want the relationship with their sons to be. Recent footage from a practice session conveys that once again.

In a viral video Lebron James, Bryce, and Bronny James were at Lakers practice facility working with Phil Handy. In the footage the trio is doing a drill where they do a quick between legs dribble around an imaginary defender, then go for a dunk making sure to take off before reaching the restricted area half circle. The footage shows how fast Bryce is growing, and Bronny’s super athleticism.

In the midst of all the talk about the incredible family moment social media roasted Anthony Davis saying that Bronny and Bryce are working out at Lakers facility more than him.

Lebron regularly posts videos of his father son time at his LA mansion. As aforementioned he and his sons really seem like best friends.

Phil Handy has been Lakers front-of-the-bench assistant for the past 3 years. He’s considered a major driving force as to why some players join the Lakers. He’s considered one of the best trainers in the NBA, which is why Lakers kept him around despite letting almost all of Frank Vogel’s staff go.

It was so cool seeing Lebron, Bryce, and Bronny James working with Phil Handy at Lakers facility together. Perhaps this is foretelling the future.

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