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Is This The Reason The Celtics Fan Threw a Water Bottle at Kyrie? Video Shows Kyrie Irving Stomping on Celtics Logo After Game 4

A moment of chaos erupted after Nets dominated Game 4 when a Celtics fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving’s head. At the time it seemed like an unprovoked moment of immaturity, but it actually may have been deeper than that. A video prior to the incident shows Kyrie Irving stomping on Celtics logo after Game 4 in a disrespectful manner. He even rubbed his shoe around on it.

Could this be the reason the Celtics fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving? Seeing Kyrie disrespecting the Celtics logo like that probably was tough to watch after how the team was demolished. Perhaps Kyrie Irving stepping on Celtics logo sent them into a fit rage internally then the water bottle was thrown.

Pay close attention to Kyrie’s feet in the video below.

This is footage of the moment the Celtics fan who threw the water bottle was removed from the arena by Police and security. He hit Kyrie as he was walking out the arena after stomping Celtics logo.

The Celtics fan was arrested for throwing the water bottle, but some people feel Kyrie Irving should be punished in some form or fashion as well. Stepping on the Celtics logo seemed uncalled for, especially considering how his tenure in Boston ended with one of the worst individual playoffs performances of his career.


With the way Kyrie Irving is treating Celtics arena with so much disdain you have to wonder what actually happened behind the scenes. It’s possible he heard some racist remarks before deciding disrespect their logo ruthlessly.

From Kyrie Irving stomping on Celtics logo, to a fan throwing a water bottle him, the storylines leading up to Game 5 make for an epic showdown. Expect to see Kyrie going for 50 or 60 points for revenge.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff