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Bulls Commentator Impersonates Shannon Sharpe Saying ‘Skip’ as Austin Reaves Gets ‘Too Small’ Revenge for Lebron

If you are a fan of NBA basketball, you may have seen or heard about the viral moment that happened during the Lakers-Bulls game on Sunday night. It involved two former teammates, Patrick Beverley and Austin Reaves, a Lakers superfan, Shannon Sharpe, and a hilarious impersonation by Bulls announcer Stacey King.

The game was a rematch of the previous meeting between the two teams, which the Bulls won 118-108. In that game, Beverley, who was traded by the Lakers, taunted LeBron James with a “too small” gesture, and the team with a “stink face” expression. He also had some trash talk for Sharpe, who was sitting courtside and cheering for the Lakers.

Sharpe is a former NFL star and a co-host of the popular sports debate show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” on FOX Sports. He is known for his passionate defense of James and his criticism of Skip Bayless, his co-host and James’ biggest hater.

In the rematch, however, the Lakers got their revenge. They beat the Bulls 118-108, with James scoring 25 points off the bench, and Reaves adding 19 in starting role once again. The undrafted legend out of Oklahoma, had a memorable moment in the fourth quarter when he made a floater over Beverley, and then mimicked his “too small” gesture.

Bulls Commentator Trolls Shannon Sharpe With His Own Voice

The funniest part of the night came from King, who is a former Bulls player and a current color commentator for the team. He decided to poke fun at Sharpe by doing a spot-on impersonation of him on the air. He used Sharpe’s distinctive baritone voice and his legendary catchphrase “Skee-upp! Skee-upp!” to mock how he would react to the Lakers’ win on his show with Bayless.

King’s impersonation of Shannon Sharpe saying “Skip” was so good that it went viral on social media. Many fans praised him for his comedic skills and his accuracy. Some even said that he sounded more like Sharpe than Sharpe himself. You’ll see why people are going crazy over this moment once you hear it for yourself. You might not want to have any food or liquids in your mouth while watching.


Lebron had a lot to say about that moment after the game. It seems him and Austin Reaves really have a special chemistry on and off the court, which could bode well in the playoffs with his emergence as their definitive third option on offense.

It was an embarrassing night for Beverley, who went scoreless in 19 minutes. The Lakers-Bulls game was more than just a regular season matchup. It was also a showcase of some entertaining personalities and some hilarious moments. It was a game that NBA fans will remember for a long time.

One thing that people may overlook here is that Patrick Beverley was actually smiling for a brief moment while Lebron was talking that talk to him, and giving him the “finger palm” gesture. That shows that he’s able to handle the same energy he puts out towards his opponents. It probably won’t happen, but seeing these two teams in the finals would be classic.

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