Kevin Garnett Reacts to Kyrie Irving Stomping On "Lucky" Celtics Logo

A moment of chaos erupted after Nets dominated Game 4 when a Celtics fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving’s head. At the time it seemed like an unprovoked moment of immaturity, but it actually may have been deeper than that. A video prior to the incident shows Kyrie Irving stomping on Celtics logo after the game in a disrespectful manner. He even rubbed his shoe around on it.

Many media outlets are focusing on the Celtics fan throwing the water bottle at Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Garnett isn’t happy about that. In a viral Instagram post Kevin Garnett reacted to Kyrie Irving stomping on the “Lucky” Celtics logo with some harsh words. He called out Kyrie saying, “So nobody going to say anything about Kyrie stomping “lucky”? We just going to act like we didn’t see that. Tf going on. You can’t do that. That’s not coo coo on no level. All of us need to better fr fr. I’m just saying”.

Kevin Garnett Reacts to Kyrie Irving Stomping On "Lucky" Celtics Logo

Pay close attention to Kyrie’s feet in the video below.

This is footage of the moment the Celtics fan who threw the water bottle was removed from the arena by Police and security.

Kevin Garnett’s reaction to Kyrie Irving stomping on Celtics logo sheds light on how one sided the media can make certain situations. It seems clear that Kyrie was actually the “aggressor” by choosing to defile Celtics logo for personal reasons knowing that Boston fans were still in the arena.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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