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Why Did Draymond Green Punch Jordan Poole? NBA Players React to Leaked Fight Video Showing Draymond Green Knocking Out Jordan Poole

Recently news broke that Draymond Green was fighting Jordan Poole during Warriors recent practice. Now the situation has the NBA world in shambles after TMZ leaked a video recorded by a Warriors employee they allegedly was paid for the footage. Due to the ferocity of the punch people are wondering what Jordan Poole said to Draymond Green before he felt his fist on his jaw. Based on a rumor going around it was allegedly three words that really set things off.

Why Did Draymond Green Punch Jordan Poole? Details on Rumor of What Jordan Poole said to Draymond Green Before Getting Knocked Out

The leaked video of Draymond Green fighting Jordan Poole shows that they got in each others face after something was said from across the room. Now we all know Draymond doesn’t take disrespect lightly, and apparently that was alleged root of the issue here. There’s a rumor floating around that Jordan Poole called Draymond a ‘soft a** b****’, but that’s unconfirmed. If those alleged words actually led to Draymond Green knocking out Jordan Poole leaving him slump on the ground, that’s very petty.

Some ESPN reporters suggested that Draymond Green might be frustrated that Warriors are allegedly valuing Jordan Poole more than him, which led to him having some ill feelings towards the young star. Take a look at the leaked footage.

NBA Player Reactions to Leaked Video of Draymond Green Punching Jordan Poole at Warriors Practice

This is a huge situation so naturally many NBA players are chiming in with their thoughts on what happened. It seems the general consensus is that there will be no way to repair the damage that was caused by the situation. Some also believe that the Warriors will fire their employee TMZ paid for the video. Take a look at how some NBA players reacted to the leaked fight video of Draymond Green knocking out Jordan Poole.

Warriors management claims that Draymond Green isn’t getting suspended for punching Jordan Poole, but that was before the video leaked showing how dangerous the situation really was. He punched Poole while he wasn’t even looking, which is a dirty tactic. It also seems like there was already beef there like Isaiah Thomas suggested.

Somewhere Kevin Durant is probably watching this situation saying this is exactly why I left the Warriors.

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