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Kangaroo Tries Drowning Martial Arts Man Attempting to Save His Dog in Scary Fight Video

A shocking video of a kangaroo trying to drown a man who jumped into the water to save his dog from the marsupial’s clutches has gone viral on social media. The kangaroo fight video was posted by a martial arts expert, who goes by the name of @milduramartialarts on Instagram, and has received millions of views and thousands of comments.

How the Martial Arts Man Survived Almost Getting Drowned by a Kangaroo While Saving His Dog

The incident happened in Mildura, Victoria, where the man and his dog, a large black Labrador, were enjoying a walk near the river. The man said he noticed kangaroo in the water, and decided to film it with his phone. When he realized that the kangaroo was actually holding his dog’s head under the water, he quickly sprang into action to save his best friend.

With his camera still recording, he bravely jumped into the water to rescue his dog, which made the kangaroo let go of the dog and turn its attention to him. The kangaroo then tried to drown the man by pushing him under the water with its powerful stout legs and arms. The man’s camera fell in the water with him, so it was difficult to see what was happening during the scuffle.

The video ends with the man managing to get out of the water with his dog, both of them audibly shaken and exhausted. The dog didn’t seem to be injured, but the owner suffered to deep cuts on his hand.

The man captioned the video with a message saying, “Sorry about the swearing, but, BJJ doesn’t work on kangaroos, punches and front kicks only”. The acronym ‘BJJ’ stands for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Even with those skills he stood no chance against the Kangaroo.

The dangers of kangaroos in the wild are not something that people often get warnings about. They can be fierce creatures, who are very territorial, so it’s always important to respect kangaroos and their habitat, but also be careful and vigilant when encountering them.

Thank goodness this martial arts man and his dog were able to survive their encounter with that muscular kangaroo.