Some time ago Doc Rivers went rival after his Twitter account began liking tweets about Trans adult film videos. At the time Doc Rivers claimed his Twitter account was hacked, and acted like he needed help to unlike the content. Now Chance the Rapper has entered the chat after his Twitter account began doing the same thing, but was he hacked too or did he forget his likes were public?

Is Chance The Rapper Gay? Social Media Reacts to Chance The Rapper’s Trans Adult Film Likes on Twitter Account

Earlier today social media went crazy after they noticed that Chance The Rapper liked transgender adult film content posted by “Tube Asian TS”. The first thought that came to people’s minds was that Chance The Rapper’s twitter account was hacked, but when he caught wind of the situation he unliked the tweet, but never mentioned his account being compromised. This led to a conspiracy theories that Chance the Rapper is gay, while some people suggested that most straight men secretly like transgender adult films. Take a look at the trans content his Twitter account liked, and some reactions. Do you think he was hacked?

Some statistics suggest that transgender adult films are one of the most watched categories on adult websites, which could mean a lot of men who consider themselves straight are watching it secretly. Was Chance the Rapper’s twitter account hacked, or did he accidentally reveal he has a thing for trans adult videos?

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