With Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen officially divorced there is much talk about Antonio Brown’s recent posts regarding the situation. As you probably know over the past few weeks AB has posted several pictures with Tom Brady’s wife, some of which were photoshopped. He is now using one of the pictures on T-shirt, which he discussed during a recent interview. What stood out most was how he said the word “parody”.

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During the interview in question the host grilled Antonio Brown about why he’s clowning Tom Brady’s situation with his wife after all he did to get him a job on the Buccaneers. Tom Brady let AB stay at his house, and secured his NFL contract. Yet still he continued taking shots after he quit midgame on that fateful day.

Naturally people are confused why AB is coming at someone who looked out for him with such disrespect. When Antonio Brown was asked why he made the picture of him and Gisele into a t-shirt, he claimed it was just a parody that will raise money for charity.

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The way Antonio Brown pronounced ‘Parody’ is going viral.

Some people are a bit concerned.

Based on the interview you can tell Antonio Brown feels bad about taking digs at Tom Brady deep down, but he will probably never admit it.

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